Sarah & 100+ CompTIA365's Students Passed the CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

Sarah had always been interested in technology and wanted to pursue a career in the IT field. However, she had no prior experience or formal education in this area. She was determined to learn and gain the necessary skills and certifications to advance in her career.

After doing some research, she discovered the CompTIA CertMaster Learn and Lab  program. She was impressed by the comprehensive curriculum and the hands-on lab experience that the program offered. Without hesitation, she signed up for the program and began her journey.

The CertMaster Learn and Lab program was well-structured, providing a step-by-step approach to learning the material. The online course was broken down into small, manageable chunks, making it easy to follow along and stay on track. The program was designed to be interactive and engaging, making it easy to stay motivated and focused.

Sarah also loved the lab component of the program. The labs allowed her to apply what she had learned in a real-world setting, giving her valuable experience and practical skills. The labs were challenging, but Sarah found them to be the most rewarding aspect of the program. She was able to work through difficult problems and learn from her mistakes, which helped her build confidence in her abilities.

After completing the CertMaster Learn and Lab program, Sarah felt confident and prepared to take the CompTIA certification exam. She passed with flying colors, earning her certification in CompTIA A+. Her new certification and practical skills gained through the program helped her secure a job as a helpdesk technician at a local IT company.

Thanks to the comprehensive and hands-on approach of the CertMaster Learn and Lab program, Sarah was able to successfully launch her career in the IT field. She continued to use the skills and knowledge she gained through the program to advance in her career, and was able to achieve her goals and reach her full potential.

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