What Are You Waiting For? 9 Reasons to Work in IT

What Are You Waiting For? 9 Reasons to Work in IT

Gone are the days of spending your entire career in one industry or one role. People change jobs frequently, and even change careers. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the typical American worker changes careers around 12 times before they retire. This should be reassuring news if you’re contemplating a new career. If you’re unhappy with your situation or simply want to try something new, consider IT. Here are nine reasons that IT is a great place to be.

  1. You Don’t Have to Be a Math Whiz. IT is not all math and science. Your success in IT is not dependent on how far you took your math studies or the grades you got. IT pros need a balanced skill set that includes soft skills like communication, project management and problem solving. While technical skills are important, they can be learned more easily than a strong work ethic, a natural curiosity and the ability to work well with others. If you have the dedication and motivation to learn, succeed and strive for improvement, you can learn hardware, cybersecurity, coding or whatever technical skills are needed for your dream job.
  2. There’s No Shortage of IT Jobs Professionals with the right set of skills have endless job opportunities in IT. In fact, in December 2022, U.S. employers posted more than 246,000 IT jobs, according to the BLS and the CompTIA Tech Jobs Report. As our world becomes increasingly digitized, the need for IT workers will only continue to grow. If you’ve plateaued in your current career or aren’t excited about the opportunities, consider IT. Cyberstates can help you visualize the supply and demand in labor for fields you’re interested in.
  1. IT Pays Well It’s no myth that many technology careers pay well. The average annual earnings of people in computer occupations is $97,430 – more than 50% higher than that of other occupations, according to the BLS. While salaries will vary based on job role, level and location, IT has ample opportunity for advancement in terms of both responsibility and salary. If financial security is a concern, a job in IT could provide you with the peace of mind you need.
  2. You’ll Always Be Challenged IT is a dynamic, industry, and the ability to adapt is key to success in almost every type of technology job. If there’s one thing for certain, technology will always change and advance, which means your job would never be boring. Chances are slim to none that you’ll be doing the same thing day-in and day-out for years. As an IT professional, you’ll be expected to keep up with industry changes and new technology, which translates to few dull moments at work. If you love learning, like to be kept on your toes and are up for a challenge, an IT job may be right up your alley.
  3. A Variety of Industries Need People with Your Skills Working in IT does not necessarily mean working for a startup or a technology solutions provider. IT spans industries, and jobs abound in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Nonprofits, health care organizations and universities all need smart people to join their IT teams. Choose your own adventure, and work in a field that fuels your passion. And you’ll get to pick where you’ll make your mark.
  4. Work–life Balance Won’t Be an Issue Many IT careers boast a standard work week, with plenty of time off for vacations, illness and holidays. Others allow you to work remotely. Some allow for flexible schedules that compensate you on a project-by-project basis. No matter where you land in IT, you’ll probably have a pretty great work–life balance, which means less stress, more time with loved ones and a better quality of life overall. Technology companies are known for working smarter, not harder and offer perks ranging from nap rooms and on-site barber shops to free food, nap rooms and stress relief, like ping pong tables. A growing number of IT jobs offer extras that will make your time at work more enjoyable and ultimately improve your work–life balance.
  5. With Initiative, You’ll Move Up the Ladder As mentioned, moving up the ladder in IT is a definite possibility. If you start out in an entry-level position in an IT department, putting in the work and proving your skills could lead to managing the whole department one day. Likewise, many junior developers become senior developers after they put a few years in. Since your job will constantly require you to learn and keep up with cutting-edge technology, the more time you spend in the field, the more skills and knowledge you’ll pick up. Then you’ll be an even more valuable asset to employers, and opportunities for promotions will abound. If you feel stuck in your current position with no chances for advancement, IT may be the perfect avenue for you to pursue.
  6. You’ll Get to Show Off Your Creative Side IT is all about finding innovative solutions to complex problems, and the most impactful IT workers are also often the most creative. You likely won’t arrive at those solutions through linear thinking alone, so creativity is the secret sauce that will help you meet your goals on a day-to-day basis. The ability and desire to take creative risks on the job will help you in almost all IT roles.
  7. A Big Part of Your Job Will Involve Helping People Whether you’re working tech support to solve everyday challenges or developing solutions behind the scenes, a big part of your career will involve making other people’s lives simpler with your specialized knowledge. You’ll collaborate with others to understand how technology can help them. Your ability to problem solve and innovate will help them do their jobs better and help your organization to succeed. This translates to a rewarding career, one you leave every day with the satisfaction that you did some good, either in the lives or your colleagues, or in some corner of the world.

Take the Plunge

If IT sounds like the place you want to be, you’re in luck, because there’s a place for you. Learn about IT careers and figure out what path makes the most sense for you – we even have a quiz to match your skills to IT careers. Then, put in some work and preparation to make yourself a viable candidate to hiring managers.

If you aren’t yet sold on IT, we have a quiz for you, too, to determine whether IT is right for you. You could be a wonderful fit for a job in IT and just not know it yet.

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